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The Process

  • Students Apply

    Low-income and working-class families within 300% of the Federal Poverty Level apply for a scholarship to a private K-12 school of their choice.

  • Donors Give

    Individual and corporate donors make contributions to qualified scholarship granting organizations who then fund a scholarship. In turn, donors are eligible to receive a 75% state tax credit.

  • Scholarships are Awarded & Lives are Changed

    Scholarships are awarded to families who meet the income requirements, based on available funds at their school of choice.

Tax credit scholarships for K-12 students can cover up to 100% of private school tuition up to a maximum of the average Illinois cost to educate, which is roughly $16,000.

Students with unique learning needs, including those who are gifted, English language learners, or those with special education qualifications, may be eligible to receive larger scholarships — up to double— roughly $32,000.

Tax credit scholarships are need based and do not take academic performance into consideration.

The application is a two-step process. First, reserve your place in line by completing a brief online form. After reserving your place in line, you will be able to complete the full application. Your place in line can increase your chances of receiving a scholarship but it is not a guarantee.

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